The beginning

Sanae Casita; raised and born in the Netherlands to Andalusian Moroccan parents. CASiTA is truly a soulful artist with a univerSOUL Sound! CASiTA is certainly not unfamiliar to the music industry; she’s been all about music as long as she can remember and started performing and touring professionally at the age of 15. Because of that CASiTA was pointed out as a youth ambassador representing the Netherlands. CASiTA was also one of the female rappers and singers of a Hiphop format named the ‘Outsidaz’ – in collaboration with the legendary Herman Brood they released an album (1998) under the label OSM (outside music). Shortly after that CASiTA went solo. She toured in Europe, Africa and Asia and won a variety of awards such as Grote Prijs v Nederland - the best individual upcoming artist, the Essent Awards 2004 and many more.


Live performing is CASiTA’s true passion; she is truly a stage beast, entertaining and grabs your heart and attention with her vocals and lyrics. She rocked a few international known major stages and festivals such as Lowlands, North Sea Jazz Festival, Made in Holland Royal Theatre Amsterdam Carré, Friends for Warchild in Ahoy Rotterdam, Festival Mundial, Hi5 event at the Heineken Music Hall, Metropole Orkestra and many more. She has also done the support act for a couple of great names in the Industry such as: Beyoncé, Angie Stone, Oleta Adams, Delinquent Habits, Slum Village, Sugar Babes. And she even performed for the Royal King and Queen of the Netherlands. They were stunned by her performance and invited her personally to their Royal Wedding in Amsterdam.


CASiTA was signed to a major label in the Netherlands in 2004. Because of creative differences and the fall of the music industry due to the internet taking over, things didn’t quite work out as expected. However no sweat, CASiTA managed to cut her strings lose and moved on to another level, remaining her strong passion for music staying pure as possible, while making music from the heart as she traveled the world working on inspiring music projects.


After the deal CASiTA did one more successful theater tour and planned to go back to New York where she’s been going back and forth for the past few years. She had her plan mapped out to pursue her career in the United States, but exactly at that time she found out that her mother had cancer and needed her to stay. CASiTA gave up on that dream and stayed home to take care of her mother which meant everything to her, day in day out sleeping next to her mother at the hospital holding her hand until her last breath. ‘Today’ with a special angel looking over CASiTA’s shoulder, she’s truly enjoying the journey with a positive state of mind and an infinite smile. After all, Life & Success is a journey and not a destination, enjoy the ride!


CASiTA is not just an ordinary Artist but a young lady with a lot of potential and experience under her belt. She loves to “inspire” and be “inspired”, expressing that through her unlimited creativity on stage, at studio or where ever she may express her voice and thoughts. CASiTA participated in successful international award winning Film/Documentaries. She currently works on her Art series www.casita-art.com. And as a social & cultural entrepreneur she coached, helped and embraced a lot of youth from all walks of life. And she shares and integrates most of these great experiences, passion and love in her lyrics & music for the world to hear.

– Catch a rising Star! She’s UNIVERSOUL.