Interview with Jorg & Casita @ FUNX FM

Jorg & Casita invited as guests at the popular morning show with Fernando Halman @ Funx Radio! 

An interview with Jorg and Casita discussing the thrill, the moments, human instinct, self reflection of the survival adventure that took place in the deep blue open Caribbean Sea.

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It can happen to anyone, going on a cruise or simple boat trip. A crash or an accident pushes one  into a survival situation where Nature has no mercy on you. What would you do to survive and how will you mange fiscally and mentally, and this with a complete stranger.

In our daily life we tend to give up easily when we are confronted with adversities and  hardship. Fear overpowers the mind and heart and one loses sight in having faith and being confident that you will conquer, overcome and reach your final destination or what every you aim to achieve. No matter it is you ought to overcome in life, it all about implementing the positive seeds in the back of you mind and dwell upon a brighter vision. Have faith, confidence, vision patience and humor.  A positive state of mind and patience. When life gets the worse out of you, no matter how hard it is, only by converting those negative thoughts into positive ones it will allow you to see the bigger and brighter picture.



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